Monday, October 15, 2012

"An Appeal to Reason"

 A friend from a while back wrote this. Please take the time to read. Thanks Justin, hope you don't mind!
An appeal to reason

My fellow Americans, I will never be your president. Those of you that know me never even allowed that hilarious thought to enter your mind. Forget all those biased reasons. Here's a list of other reasons.

I will never be your president. I'm willing to admit I'm not perfect. I'm from Massachusetts and I live in New York. That takes care of the southern vote. I changed my name from Weinstein to Stokes, not to dishonor my father who I love, but to honor my mother's parents who I had a stronger relationship with. I have nothing but respect for the Jewish people but I've probably lost their vote for that. I'm pro choice and for gay equality. The Moral Majority's gone now. I think the financial sector has proven time and time again that regulation is necessary. I think the unions need to remember why they formed in the first place. I will not be president because when I'm done talking I don't think anyone would vote for me.

I make too much money to afford subsidized housing, health care and food stamps. I also make too little to pay for everything on my own. I have been on unemployement once. It is a miserable and degrading process that no one should believe is a willing choice for anyone.

I do not ask my government for a safety net. I do not ask of others to pick up after my mistakes, missteps and failures. I am where I am today through luck, the family I was born into and a tiny amount of courage and determination. I have a lovely wife and I have a job I love. But there is a problem. A problem that I share with millions of Americans. It is not enough. I barely pay my rent, utility and food bills. Nevermind paying for a campaign. That's a pipe dream or more likely the liberal SuperPac "Americans for President"

I have chosen not to run in 2020 for a multitude of reason, not the least of which includes a need to raise more funds than 8 years could produce. Plus, everyone hates a long campaign. Most importantly I suppose, is the fact that I am not eligible to become president until September 2020 so I'd be, 35 and 1 month, and therefore, far too relatable to the generation that will actually matter most at the time.

This country is being shaped by policy makers who could fight in wars before I was born. The Internet was something that at one point didn't exist for them. Hippies were actually a threat to them. What this country needs is a president who understands the future of our country, not the past.

My opinions are based on a morality higher than that of any god. My morality, my ethics come from Man. We are the single greatest species on the planet because we have choice. We have compassion. I believe with my whole heart that America can only survive if we rebuild the bonds we've broken over our shared hardship. We are all to blame for this. Some want to spend our way through the storm. Others want to run from debts we already owe.

I'm from the Boston area. Trust me, "no taxation without representation" is a phrase I know well. I do not think our government has done well by this statement in recent times. I am not against taxes. I just want to see where our money goes and if it goes at all. And I want to see everyone paying them. We need roads. We need schools. We need hospitals. We need firefighters, police and emergency response teams. We don't need subsidies to oil. We don't need blank checks to global banking firms.

Big business claims we need less regulation. We are losing jobs to India and China. Do we want to compete by taking away workers rights. Indian and Chinese workers have longer hours for considerably less pay and no security or benefits in many cases. Is that really the deregulation you want? Why not impose a morality. We don't allow business with Iran because they are considered a threat to America and our allies. Why are companies who support unsafe working conditions also considered a threat?

Unions are also to blame. They need to learn of shared sacrifice as well. Unions were created to protect workers, not make it impossible to make a profit. Don't be corrupt and then wonder why CEOs hate you.

Even as we bicker at home we police the world through fear and with a sense of entitlement. We should lead by example. Lead with tolerance. We must SHOW, not tell, why America is so incredible. And we must not beat others until they believe it. We should participate in our own democracy. Help, not hurt, our neighbors, next door, in the next town, state and country. Prove to the world why we deserve a place in history as the defining nation of modern times rather than a fleeting superpower in a game Risk.

The promise of the United States of america was one of hope and freedom from oppression. A place to be proud of. A country for everyone to call home. We have lost sight of that ideal. I am not here to attack the rich. Anyone who earns their money honestly through hard work is a true American. Nor am I here to destroy the middle class or condemn the poor. We are not black or white, Hispanic or Asian, rich or poor, blue or red. We are American. Its time we remembered what the stars and stripes truly stand for. It's a badge to be worn with honor and pride by everyone.

I will never be president so don't use me as a write-in candidate two elections from now. That IS throwing your vote away. What you must do, is remember what this country is all about. Think beyond tomorrow. Think beyond 4 years. Plant a tree whose shade you will never sit under but whose structure will protect and serve the descendants of what could be the greatest free and peaceful nation to ever exist.

For too long, tiny arguments have ripped our nation apart. Until compromise is lauded as triumph rather than failure, we will continue a downward spiral away from greatness. Divided we stand, but united we will fall.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Radio Silence

I apologize to everyone for not updating. I just havent found a moment to relax where I'm not too exhausted to form coherent sentences. But I have a bunch of stories for once I get settled.

but I have FINALLY reached LA and am currently trying to settle in:)

and I would like to address one of my amazing friends and share with you all how awesome she is. right before getting to LA I received this text from her:

"Katie, don't let la change you okay? Don't ever let it make you feel like you aren't skinny enough or good enough. If it ever gets to you and you feel lonely or bad about yourself, let me know and I will remind you why you're the greatest person in the universe."

Whenever I feel super stressed, or frustrated, or just overall overwhelmed, I reread this and I feel reassured. Thank you pretty lady, you are AWESOME and I cannot wait to see you out here:)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


My move date is Wednesday, Aug 29th at 6am.

I am freaking out. I have been pacing around my apartment because I have nothing to do and the people I really care about and want to see...well I'm afraid I'm not going to get to see them because everyone is saying they are too busy or too poor. I'm freaking out. Legitimately.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update Generalis

My latest moving quandary is whether or not to purchase a bike rack for my car.  They can be expensive (for one that will last cross country and beyond) and my parents have one I can use. But will I, AND my bike, be able to make it to their house (Indianapolis) without one??? Too many things to think about. Honestly!!

Well I got the news on my car. Not as good as I had hoped....looking like its between 2k and 2500 to fix up. About 500 more than I estimated. Oh well. Could always be worse.

On happier news, I went for my first run in a couple of days this evening. Went about 3.5 miles. I also realized that my pedometer UNDERestimates my distance. Quite exciting. This means that, at least in my head, I have been exercising MORE than I intended to. Not half bad!

For now, I'll sit in my apartment and reward myself with a glass of wine!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saco What?

So I had a fantastic final hurrah with my lovely lady friend, Alycia this weekend at the Saco River in Saco ME. I am quite upset that I was unaware of the existence of this wonderland. I had heard rumors but, I mean, there are just no words. If you have never visited Saco for a weekend trip I highly suggest, no, I insist, that you visit. Its a giant singles party more or less. On a beach. With a built in lazy river. What?!
Thank you Alycia for dragging me out for a mini mind blowing experience.
Moving on.**

Tomorrow morning my new baby is going to the shop for an estimate on the work we'll need to get her in solid running order for our cross country adventure. Rather nervous about it actually. I know I did as much research as possible, but nonetheless!

And seriously. Who's buying my furniture? I'm so close to getting rid of it all!! Help a girl out.

Update on the car tomorrow...promise:)

**Shout out to our new friends and baller neighbors from Saco : Derek, Dan, Jordan, JJ, Fallon, Ryan Mike, Nick and all you other crazy people who helped me drink enough to forget your names. Including but not limited to the girls who showed us the 'bathroom spot', our marine neighbor, our arrested neighbors, the peppermint schnapps girl, and the beach 2 girl with the pink suit. Thanks for my last northeast adventure before the big move!**

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Member of the Family

It has been quite a while since I've updated this lovely blog and I want to apologize. Family, friends, humblest apologies for not keeping you updated. I am going to make it up to you. I have been having a mini meltdown of sorts trying to figure everything out but I have reached a major turning point.
I am now, for the first time, a car owner.

 whats that? you want to see a picture?

She's a 2000 Nissan Maxima, 143k miles. This is my get to California vehicle and I cannot even begin to express how excited I am that this has finally happened. Now I need to get her fixed up and ready to go. As soon as the work is done, I'll be on the road!!

Oh and for all of you considering moving, don't shut off your cable until you know you're exact move date; unless of course you really enjoy the cafe down the street.

Monday, May 7, 2012

lighting strike!

I have not updated in a while. SO sorry! in all honesty however, i wasn't quite sure what to write.
Over the past couple of weeks California has seemed a more of a concept than an actual plan...and then an EPIPHANY! I'm moving in three months. 3 MONTHS!

Holy crap.

epiphanies make you do funny things. for example, my current enlightenment has led to an odd sort of mental hyperdrive. in the three days since, i have solidified that i am going to drive to California. how do you ask? well i am buying my first car. thats right. my first car.

take a minute to soak that in and be as excited as i am.
good and excited?? you better be. because i need someone to be as excited as me!! I am planning on going car shopping when my dad gets into town, which is the fun part. the not-so-fun part is I'm going to have to go finance shopping. meh. never been good with loans and interest rates and such. gimme calculus any day of the week. word problems and accounting? no thanks. oh vell.

back to exciting stuff. this cross country road trip is either to take place whether or not anyone joins me although i dont want to do the drive by myself. so. you. dont flake out. or at least only one of you flake out. anddddd this trip will involve a video blog!! kind of excited.
although this means i need to learn how to edit video. however simply. and which type of handheld camcorder? i'm leaning towards minoflip or samsung.

now to stop rambling (its that hyperdrive thing!) if anyone wants any furniture, please let me know, dont wanna drag it all to cali!

Wellllp guess that means i have some plans to start putting in place huh?