Monday, May 7, 2012

lighting strike!

I have not updated in a while. SO sorry! in all honesty however, i wasn't quite sure what to write.
Over the past couple of weeks California has seemed a more of a concept than an actual plan...and then an EPIPHANY! I'm moving in three months. 3 MONTHS!

Holy crap.

epiphanies make you do funny things. for example, my current enlightenment has led to an odd sort of mental hyperdrive. in the three days since, i have solidified that i am going to drive to California. how do you ask? well i am buying my first car. thats right. my first car.

take a minute to soak that in and be as excited as i am.
good and excited?? you better be. because i need someone to be as excited as me!! I am planning on going car shopping when my dad gets into town, which is the fun part. the not-so-fun part is I'm going to have to go finance shopping. meh. never been good with loans and interest rates and such. gimme calculus any day of the week. word problems and accounting? no thanks. oh vell.

back to exciting stuff. this cross country road trip is either to take place whether or not anyone joins me although i dont want to do the drive by myself. so. you. dont flake out. or at least only one of you flake out. anddddd this trip will involve a video blog!! kind of excited.
although this means i need to learn how to edit video. however simply. and which type of handheld camcorder? i'm leaning towards minoflip or samsung.

now to stop rambling (its that hyperdrive thing!) if anyone wants any furniture, please let me know, dont wanna drag it all to cali!

Wellllp guess that means i have some plans to start putting in place huh?

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  1. Just came across your blog, Did you ever make the deadline to go? I think a video blog would be interesting. Neat idea especially a drive across country... Please update, Good Luck!